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Duane R. Meyers, ACTAR #344


Duane Meyers was employed as a Wisconsin State Trooper in 1982 and has been specializing in collision reconstruction since 1988. He served as the first supervisor for the State Patrol's TRU (Technical Reconstruction Unit). He is accredited by ACTAR (Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction) and has been specially trainined on the Bosch CDR (Crash Data Retrieval) System. He was heavily involved in teaching crash related programs at the State Patrol Academy, area technical colleges, and other institutions in the Midwest. He is currently an adjunct instructor for the University of North Florida, IPTM. Mr. Meyers has reconstructed numerous traffic collisions and has been qualified as an expert witness in numerous Wisconsin Circuit Courts as well as other Midwestern states.

Duane received his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Ferris State University in 1981 followed by his law enforcement training from the Wisconsin State Patrol Academy. He has attended specialized crash related training programs from Northwestern University, University of North Florida, Texas A&M University and other institutions. Duane is a current or past member of several professional organizations including the Society of Automotive Engineers. He has published several papers in the field of crash reconstruction. He has been involved in private consulting since 1992 and co-founded his current company, Great Lakes Crash Analysis, LLC, in 2002.



GLCA consultants have been active in crash research and testing. The following are some of the publications authored or co-authored by our staff:


"Commericial Vehicle Crash Investigation: Electronic Control Modules" Vol. 10, No. 2.



"Controlled Braking Experiments With and Without ABS" SAE Technical Paper Number 2010-01-0100.

"Dry Pavement Friction Reductions Due to Sanding Applications," SAE Technical Paper Number 2012-01-0603.

"Empirical Testing of Vehicular Rotational Motion," SAE Technical Paper Number 2012-01-0602.

"Estimating Path Clearing Effects During Potential Hydroplaning Through the Use of Vehicle CAN Bus Data" SAE Technical Paper Number 2013-01-0408.

"Time and Distance Required for a Motorcycle to Turn Away from an Obstacle" SAE Technical Paper Number 2014-01-0478.


ACTAR Accredited

GLCA is fully accredited by ACTAR, the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction. Maintenance of this accreditation requires continued education and practice in the field of collision analysis.